Who we are

The Khodorkovsky Foundation is a UK registered charity whose establishment was inspired by the Russian business leader, public figure and philanthropist, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, in 2003. Mikhail Khodorkovsky was instrumental in the endowment of the Foundation with USD500m.

Our Foundation is one of the UK’s largest charitable organizations, focused on advancing education in Russia and supporting the long-term development of a strong, vibrant and dynamic civil society.

In July 2021, the Russian Government designated the Khodorkovsky Foundation (and its related charity, the Oxford Russia Fund) ‘undesirable organizations’. The Foundation joins the ranks of 42 foreign organizations as The German Marshall Fund of the United States, Bard College, USA, European Choice, France who were viewed by the Russian Government as having an adverse influence on Russian nationals. The effect of the designation was to prohibit further activity in Russia (but naturally this designation does not affect our work outside of Russia).

Prior to being designated by the Russian Government an ‘undesirable organization’ in mid 2021, we
-provided over 41,000 scholarships to Russian nationals at Russian; and
-supported a 200 pupil boarding school in Russia providing a caring environment and educational opportunities for nearly 3,000 vulnerable Russian children.

We had also cultivated links between Russian and international academics and institutions, including several in the UK.


Trustees of The Khodorkovsky Foundation are selected on the basis of skills and experience they bring in the fields of education, in both Russia and the UK, as well as their expertise in investment management and charity administration. The Foundation’s trustees come with many years of experience in different walks of life.

Our Board of Trustees consists of the following trustees:

Mr Alastair Tulloch

Alastair is a UK solicitor who believes passionately in the importance of charitable work and is involved in a number of grant giving charities supported by his clients.

Mr Anton Drel

Anton is certified lawyer specializing in human rights litigation in the courts of Eastern Europe and the ECHR. In 2003-2013, Anton represented Mikhail Khodorkovsky as his personal attorney in YUKOS case. Native of Moscow, he permanently resides in London.

Ms Maria Logan

Maria is an international lawyer and human rights campaigner. She has previously worked as part of the litigation practice group at the international law firm Greenberg Traurig. In 2008, she joined the worldwide campaign for Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s release. Since his release from prison, Maria has spearheaded several of his new initiatives designed to support the civil society in Russia.

Mr Pavel Khodorkovsky

Pavel is the president of the Institute of Modern Russia, an organization he founded to continue the work his father, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The Institute of Modern Russia seeks to promote the development of civil society in Russia by reinforcing the rule of law and strengthening relationships between Russia and other countries. In 2011, he cofounded Enertiv, a cleantech energy monitoring company.

Mr Rupert Caldecott

Rupert has worked for over four decades in the financial services industry, principally in investment management. He has sat on the investment committees of various charitable foundations . He is an expert in asset allocation